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The CLAS website ( has information about resources, assessment tools, and intervention materials that may not be commercially available, but may be acquired by contacting school districts, state boards of education, etc.  Materials and resources that are commercially available are listed in alphabetical order by title. Publisher contact information is toward the bottom of this page:

Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: A Practical Guide

Robert Rhodes, Salvador Ochoa, & Samuel Ortiz

The Guilford Press (2005)


Assessment and Intervention for Communication Disorders in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations

Henriette Langdon (2007)

Delmar Learning


Assessment and Intervention Resource for Hispanic Children

Hortencia Kayser (1998)

Singular Publications

Basic Concepts for Language Learners  (English and Spanish)

Academic Communication Associates


Batería Woodcock-Muñoz, Revisada (Batería-R)

Richard Woodcock and Ana Muñoz Sandoval (1997)

Riverside Publishing


Beyond Bilingualism: Language Acquisition and Disorders: A Global Perspective

Katharine G. Butler, ed. (1996)

Aspen Publications


Bilingual: Life and Reality

François Grosjean (2010)

Harvard University Press, ISBN 9780674048874


Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology: An Hispanic Focus

Hortencia Kayser (1995)

Singular Publications


Bilingual Children with Communicative Disorders: Referral Guidelines

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingual Classroom Communication Profile

Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingual Health and Developmental History Questionnaire

Christina Gómez-Valdez

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingualism and Testing: A Special Case of Bias

Guadalupe Valdés and Richard Figueroa (1994)

Ablex Publishing


Bilingual Language Picture Resource

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingual Language Proficiency Questionnaire

Larry J. Mattes and George Santiago

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingual Language, Speech, and Hearing Dictionary

Larry J. Mattes

Academic Communication Associates


Bilingual Vocabulary Assessment Measure

Larry Mattes

Academic Communication Associates


Big Photo Flashcards

Super Duper Publications


Boehm Test of Basic Concept—3, English and Spanish  (2001)

Ann E. Boehm

The Psychological Corporation


Bracken Basic Concept Scale—Third Edition, Spanish record forms  (2006)

Bruce A. Bracken

Harcourt Assessment/PsychCorp


Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals—4 Spanish Edition (2006)

Eleanor Semel, Elisabeth Wiig, and Wayne Secord

The Psychological Corporation


Collaborating with Interpreters and Translators: A Guide for Communication Disorders Professionals

Henriette W. Langdon, Li-Rong Lilly Chen, Elisabeth H. Wiig (2002)

Thinking Publications


Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations-Third Edition

Dolores Battle () (2002)



Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Language Assessment and Intervention

Katharine G. Butler, ed.  (1994)

Aspen Publications


Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Resource Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists

Brian Goldstein (2000)

Singular Publications


Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Children and Their Families

Eleanor Lynch and Marci Hanson (1999)

Paul Brookes


Development & Disorders in Spanish-English Speakers

Brian A. Goldstein, ed. (2004)

Brookes Publishing Company


Dos Amigos Verbal Language Scales

Donald Critchlow

Academic Communication Associates


Dual Language Development and Disorders: A Handbook on Bilingualism and Second Language Learning

Fred Genessee, Johanne Paradis, and Martha Crago

Paul H. Brooks


Dynamic Assessment and Intervention: Improving Children’s Narrative Abilities

Lynda Miller, Ronald B. Gillam, Elizabeth D. Peña



Educating Latino Children

Hortencia Kayser

Plural Publishing


Everyday Words in Spanish

Super Duper Publications


Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test—Bilingual Edition

Rick Brownell (2001)

Academic Communication Associates


Famous Folk Tales from Mexico

Henriette W. Langdon

Academic Communication Associates


Guide to Speech-Language Pathology Assessment for Multicultural and Bilingual Populations

Information about tests currently used and published, tests no longer available, tests being used by specific schools and not available for distribution, and tests in item banks to be used for research purposes.



Hispanic Children and Adults with Communication Disorders

Henriette W. Langdon and Li-Rong Lilly Cheng (1992)

Aspen Publications


How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?

Language development brochures and charts available in English and Spanish



Idea Language Proficiency Test (1987)

Ballard & Tighe


Increasing Language Skills of Students From Low-Income Backgrounds: Practical Strategies for Professionals

Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

Plural Publishing (2007)


Language Acquisition Across North America: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Linguistic Perspectives

Orlando Taylor and Laurence Leonard, eds. (1999)



Language Assessment Scales (LAS)

E. DeAvila and E. Duncan (1986)

McGraw-Hill Press


Language Disorders in Bilingual Children and Adults

Kathryn Kohnert

Plural Publishing


Language Learning Everywhere We Go

Cecilia Casas and Patricia Portillo

Academic Communication Associates


Language Assessment and Intervention with Multicultural Students: A Guide for Speech-Language-Hearing Professionals

Henriette W. Langdon and Terry Irvine Saenz, ed.

Academic Communication Associates


Limiting Bias in the Assessment of Bilingual Students

Else V. Hamayan and Jack S. Damico (1991)




Lingraphicare (1991)


Los Trastornos del Espectro de Autismo de la A a la Z: Toda la Informacion que Quiere

Barbara T. Doyle and Emily Iland (2004)

Future Horizons


MacArthur Inventarios del Desarrollo de Habilidades Comunicativas (2003)

Donna Jackson-Maldonado, Donna J. Thal, Virginia A. Marchman, Larry Fenson, Tyler Newton, Barbara Conboy

Paul Brookes


Mobile Articulation Probes-Spanish

Barbara Fernandes (2010)

Mobile Application for iPhone or iPod Touch- provides therapy target words in Spanish based on phoneme, manner and phonological process.


Multicultural Students with Special Language Needs:  Practical Strategies for Assessment and Intervention

Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin (2002)

Academic Communication Associates


Newborn Hearing Screening: Helping Babies Develop Language for Learning and Interaction

Brochure about the importance of hearing screening. Spanish version available soon.



Niños y Sonidos Spanish Picture Cards

Academic Communication Associates


Niños y Sonidos

Spanish Phonology Cards

Super Duper Publications


O'Brien Technologies Survivor Speech Generation System

Spanish-Language portable AAC technology for aphasic individuals.  More info at:


Oscar’s Quick & Easy Ideas for Spanish Therapy

Shannon Nowak



¡Oscar! Spanish Flashcards

Shannon Nowak



Picture This! (prints labels in Spanish)

Super Duper Publications


Preschool Language Scale—4, Spanish Edition

Irla Lee Zimmerman, Violette Steiner, and Roberta Pond (2002)

The Psychological Corporation


Receptive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test—Bilingual Edition

Rick Brownell (2001)

Academic Communication Associates


Second Language Learners: ASHA Readings

Silvia Martinez, Ph.D. and Angela Grice, M.S.

Contains articles, reading lists, technical reports, and other ASHA documents that address best practices for service delivery for multilingual clients.



Seminars in Speech and Language: Communicative Assessment of the Hispanic Child

Aquiles Iglesias, ed. (Vol.  22(1); 2001)

Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.


Signing Families

Resources and instructional DVDs for learning American Sign Language (ASL), in English and Spanish.


Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM)

Larry J. Mattes

Academic Communication Associates


Spanish Articulation Picture Card

Academic Communication Associates


Spanish Articulation Picture Resource

Academic Communication Associates


Spanish Language Assessment Procedures (SLAP)

Larry J. Mattes

Academic Communication Associates


Spanish Test for Assessing Morphologic Production (STAMP)

Therese M. Nugent, Kenneth G. Shipley, Dora O. Provencio

Academic Communication Associates


Spanish Photo Flashcasrd

Super Duper Publications


Speech and Language Assessment for the Bilingual Handicapped, Second Edition (1991)

Larry J. Mattes and Donald R. Omark

Academic Communication Associates


Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT)

Jon F. Miller (2004)

Language Analysis Lab


Talk About Stories in English and Spanish

T. Jacobson, P. Portillo, and C. Casas

Academic Communication Associates


Teaching Second Language Learners with Learning Disabilities

J. Dixon Hearne

Academic Communication Associates


Teaching Spanish Speech Sounds: Drills for Articulation Therapy

Larry Mattes and George Santiago

Academic Communication Associates


Tell Me About Today: Spanish or English Calendars

Super Duper Publications


Test of Phonological Awareness in Spanish (TPAS)

Cynthia A. Riccio, Brian Imhoff, Jan E. Hasbrouck, and G. Nicole Davis (2004)

Pro-Ed, Inc.


The Bilingual Exceptional Child (1983)

D. Omark and J. Erickson

College Hill Press


The Hispanic Child

Alejandro E. Brice

Allyn & Bacon (2002)


The Incredible City: Language Activity Kit (English and Spanish)

Ellen Shulman

Academic Communication Associates


Think Up A Solution  (English and Spanish)

T. Jacobson, C. Casas, and P. Portillo

Academic Communication Associates


Tools for Living: Hearing Speech and Language (English and Spanish)

Educational comic book for parents, teachers, and school board members covering the importance of communication. Available in English and Spanish.



Viajando con Oscar: Un Juego de Conocimiento Fonólogico/A Phonological Awareness Game

Shannon Nowak



Woodcock—Muñoz Language Survey

Richard Woodcock and Ana Muñoz Sandoval (2003)

Riverside Publishing


Working With Interpreters to Serve Bilingual Children and Families

Henriette W. Langdon (2003)



Publisher Contact Information

If not listed here, check

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



Academic Communication Associates



Andover Medical Publishers


Ballard & Tighe



College Hill Press

(020) 7633-0181


Harcourt Assessment, Inc.




Language Analysis Lab



Lingraphicare, Inc.

Habla Lingraphica

(888) APHASIA (274-2742 - toll free)





Paul H. Brookes



Plural Publishing








Super Duper® Publications



Thomson Learning