HC Members, please see ASHA’s Call for Volunteers


NOW is the time to complete the committee interest form. Submitting this form signifies your desire and willingness to serve. The Board is attempting to make all (or at least most) of their appointments from among those who are in the Volunteer Pool.

Getting in the Volunteer Pool is simple. Complete the committee interest form found on the ASHA website, indicate which Committee, Board or Council interests you (be sure to specify which group(s) you think would be a good fit—and think beyond the Multicultural Issues Board—you have other expertise!), then hit Submit. If you’ve submitted before and weren’t selected, re-submit—this may be your year!

There is no guarantee that you will be selected if you’re in the Pool, but…there’s pretty much a guarantee that you will NOT be appointed if you are NOT in the Pool.

Do This NOW (or at least before the deadline, March 7th)! After that, you’ll have to wait at least another year to be appointed to a CBC that won’t start until 2019.

Let’s provide the Board with a whole host of viable options to consider for their appointments, and demonstrate what a diverse pool looks like!

Linda I. Rosa-Lugo, HC President